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Keyframe News

Keyframe Multimedia has acquired RenderFriend render farm, a state of the art, 120 Xeon suite of servers specifically designed for blazing fast rendering of 3D imagery. With this asset, Keyframe Multimedia can create stunning imagery faster than ever.
Welcome to Keyframe Multimedia, Inc.

Since 1992, Keyframe Multimedia has been providing top quality 3D images and animation for use as demonstrative evidence to the legal and forensic industry, the medical industry, and the architectural and design industry. Our experience in the use of sophisticated 3D hardware and software allow us to create just the right impression you need, whether you are involved in a crucial legal case or promoting your next fabulous condominium development.

Daniel UnderhillThe adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is never more true than when trying to convey your vision to your market. It's important that they can see what you propose. Our 3D work can bring your ideas to life and help demonstrate exactly what it is you mean to tell your audience. In our 16 years of experience we have enjoyed working with our clients and seeing our work become a valuable keystone to their presentations. We simply love what we do and it certainly shows.


Keyframe Multimedia offers:

  • Demonstrative Evidence for the legal professional
  • Detailed visuals for the medical community for training and education
  • Scientific animation for use in education and even patent processes
  • Detailed and photometrically correct architecural visualization
  • Personalized service directly with your key team of players
  • Private, secure web-based review pages for team collaboration
  • Delivery via FTP, DVD, CD and Blu-Ray

Our Experience:

  • Creating 3D animation since 1992
  • We work with state of the art software, many times customized for our needs
  • Experts in all aspects of modeling, lighting and animation techniques
  • Most important -- we listen to you and create what YOU need
  • Delivery via FTP, DVD, CD and Blu-Ray

Our Equipment:

  • State of the art software such as Maya, Motion Builder, Cinema4D, MODO and so much more...
  • Over 120 high speed Xeon render cores in our computer server room, the power to create
  • Specialized software for re-creating real world physics and dynamics
  • Specialized software for creating physics-based fluid dynamics
  • State of the art software for creating photometrically accurate, real world lighting conditions, perfect for exploring space and design ideas
  • The highest end Xeon 8-core workstations for speed and accuracy in our work
  • All of our equipment is retired after 2 years and replaced with the latest, fastest gear in order to serve our clients with the power to complete their project on time, with room for any revisions.




Keyframe Multimedia was featured on Japan's "Scoop 21" television news magazine as digital evidence experts re-evaluating evidence from the 1980 Rice Field murder of a young girl. Our work help cast doubt to the conviction of a severely mentally handicapped man and was instrumental in helping to win his freedom.

Scoop 21 News