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Skull Fracture

Infant sustained a skull fracture due to improper forcep delivery.

Skull Fracture
Skull Fracture


Vehicle Simulation

Animation of forces involved in a tight-turn rollover accident.

Car rollover

Vehicle Simulation


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3D Legal & Litigation Support Services

Presenting to juryDemonstrative evidence that is convincing. Today, more than ever, success in the courtroom is reliant upon the method used to convey your complex evidence and prove legal arguments. Keyframe Multimedia applies a variety of software technologies to illustrate your case in a clear and concise way. Taking complex ideas and condensing them into an understandable form help make the process of litigating your case that much easier. It has been widely acknowledged, that 3D animation can significantly increase the opportunity for early settlement in many cases.

Keyframe Multimedia will help to identify the most important issues for your visual case presentation.  We will provide the necessary tools for presenting these issues in the most effective way and offer a means for the expert and attorney to communicate their case to the non-technical jury.

Our work can condense prolonged expert testimony into a dynamic 30 or 60 second presentation. We can provide demonstrative evidence for you in the following fields: 

Accident Scene Reconstruction

This can help to demonstrate cause or fault. We can create a multitude of viewpoints to examine the events of an accident and even provide a first-person viewpoint to demonstrate if there were any blindspots that made the accident unavoidable. In certain cases, we can employ physics-based software to help illustrate certain behaviors of the forces involved in the accident.

Read about how we create Vehicular Dynamics 

Medical Malpractice

Viewing inside the human body is one of the best ways to demonstrate the processes that affect our health and welfare. When mistakes are made in the medical process, 3D animation can really be invaluable when depicting the cause and effect of injury to a jury.

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases can involve many factors that result in the injuries to a client. Determining exactly who is at fault can sometimes be an excersice in finger pointing. However, with the use of accurate 3D technology, any scene can be recreated and evaluated which can demonstrate what series of events occurred that led to the injury. Having this type of visual evidence can be extremely effective in arguing the facts involved in personal injury cases.

Construction Defects / Product Defects

Problems arising from construction defects usually start small, sometimes microscopic, and then grow into larger and larger weaknesses which then result in a domino-effect of failure. With some of our physics-based software, we can create animations that demonstrate large scale failures all the way down to microscopic causes of failures or defects. Weights, mass, gravity, surface friction and many other variables can be computed to aid in creating a visual which effectively depicts a defect or failure.


When Animation for Litigation Works:

  • When the opinions of an expert witness are too difficult to visualize
  • When an event you are trying to describe simply can't be illustrated by other means
  • When alternative theories for how certain events happened need to be effectively communicated
  • When technical issues are simply too complex for the layperson to understand through verbal explanation
  • When certain events are too dangerous or impossible to recreate
  • When things like time, motion or speed need to simplified or slowed in order to make sense
  • When in general, events are too difficult to visualize


Keyframe Multimedia was featured on Japan's "Scoop 21" television news magazine as digital evidence experts re-evaluating evidence from the 1980 Rice Field murder of a young girl. Our work help cast doubt to the conviction of a severely mentally handicapped man and was instrumental in helping to win his freedom.

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