Various Examples

1) Lipoproteins (HDL)
2) Pollen
3) White & Red Blood Cell

Red and White Blood Cell


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Medical Illustration & Animation

Keyframe Multimedia has years of experience creating a variety of 3D medical illustrations and animations for wide variety of clientele. Our styles range from ultra-realistic to simple line form renders for basic explanation. Our projects have ranged from simulating brownian movement of cells, to performing cross sections of various parts of the human body, demonstrating the insertion of medical devices such as stents and arthroscopic tools, showing blood flow restriction and interaction between chemistry on a microscropic level.

Many of these projects are referred to as Method of Actions (MOAs). Pharmaceutical, device and health care advertising companies are keen to the necesity of creating scientific medical animations in order to fully highlight their products.

An example showing cross section where a stent is inserted. 

Stent Insertion


HIV absorption. The HIV virus fusing with the host T-Cell and preparing to release its viral capsid.

HIV absorption


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