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The Creation Process - Legal

Our Process

1 -- Project Consultation 

Once you decide that 3D animation or imagery will be an asset to your project, we will spend time consulting with you about how the process works, what steps we need to take and help you determine the best type of animation for your project.

2 -- Pre-Production Team Planning

After you understand an overview of the process, we will schedule a team conference to talk about the details of your project. Participants will include a representative from Keyframe Multimedia and your team's expert(s) and any members of your legal team that are deemed necessary to be involved. The team conference can take place via telephone conference call, or if the case is highly detailed a personal team meeting might best suit the project at either your location or at the Keyframe Multimedia studio in Portland, Oregon. Copies of any hard copy materials that you have regarding the case should be made available to Keyframe Multimedia before this meeting.

3 -- Prepare Your Private Web Site

It is important that all members of the team stay informed and are aware of the progress of the project. Your private area of Keyframe Multimedia will allow secure access to the members of the team. This way, the entire production team can view assets as they are developed and modified and get feedback as quick as possible. The rapid interaction between client and Keyframe Multimedia will ensure that the project proceeds forward in an efficient manner.

4 -- Initial Animation Drafs

Keyframe Multimedia will create draft ideas/storyboards and digital sketches and upload them your private web site. Approval of these ideas will allow us to refine in greater detail and shots that you need. Drafts can also be delivered DVD or CD. Since the drafts are early "loose" ideas, we do not limit the number necessary to be developed at this stage.

5 -- Refined Final Work Created

At this stage, we have received approval of the rough drafts for your project and our team begins to refine and detail the actual animation or images. The final rendered pieces will be available for all team members to review from within your private site and once your team of experts is comfortable with the final look we can deliver.

6 -- Delivery and Collateral Products

Once all work has been approved from within your private site area we can fulfill delivery by providing you with a full resolution DVD of your work. We can also provide you with computer-based animation codecs that can run from a courtroom computer or other type of display. Subsequently, any high resolution print or poster images that are necessary to augment the video can be made and shipped directly to any location that is necessary.